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PCU College is committed to the advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the health care system in Canada.

A large part of this commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative health treatments stems from the college's staff and faculty, who bring many years of experience within the field and a desire to help others achieve health and wellness through natural medicine.

The college proudly serves a broad multi-cultural community in the Greater Vancouver region and draws students. patients and practitioners from around the world.


  • Campus Director: Anthony Choi, BA
  • Clinic Director: Sung Cho, R. TCMP, BA Sc
  • Admissions Representative: Geanette Liu, MSc
  • Financial Administrator: Tomoka Cai, BA
  • Student Services Coordinator & Student Services Coordinator: Sandy Chen, BA

PCU College Advisory Committee

  • Kwang Yang, MD representing Western Medical Profession (Chairman)
  • Francis Law, PhD representing Advanced Education
  • Florence Pieronek, PhD representing General Education
  • Andy Zhou, PhD; Dr. TCM representing TCM Professional
  • Shelina Devji, BA representing PCU Student
  • Lyren Chiu, PhD representing TCM Employers
  • Anne Coulombe, Ed M representing General Member

PCU Faculty

  • Andrew Kerr, R. TCMP, Instructor
  • David Song, BSc (China), Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Eva Lum, Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Flora Fang, MSc (China), Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Kathryn Tian, MS (China); Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Emily Wang, MS (China), R. Ac.,Instructor
  • Hwei-Shen Bowman
  • Shih Kai (Mike) Chen, MSc (Australia) Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Shi Yuan (Lincoln) He, MSc (China), R. TCMP, Instructor
  • Yao-De Huang, MSc (China), PhD (China), R. TCMP, Instructor
  • Yuan Che Huang, MSc (China & Taiwan), Dr.TCM, Instructor
  • Byoung Jin Na, BSc (Korea), R. TCMP, Instructor
  • Chun-Kai (Jason) Wang, MSc (China), Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Ying Sheng (Wilson) Wu, BSc (China), Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Sungsoo Yoon, R. TCMP, Instructor
  • Tung-I Wu, MSc (Taiwan), MSc (Taiwan), Dr. TCM, Instructor
  • Brian Jones, BA. , B. Ed, O.C.T., RPC (Can); MD (Mex USA.), Instructor
  • Zhaozhi Cheng, Dr. TCM (China); R. TCM H, Professor
  • Zhen Tao Lin, MS (China), Instructor



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PCU College is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of education. Our curriculum meets the educational standards outlined by the provincial government of British Columbia and the regulatory bodies.


PCU College is located near Metropolis at Metrotown Centre in Burnaby. The campus is easily accessible by public transit and is located on several major bus routes and a short walk from the Metrotown SkyTrain station.


For those looking for alternative and holistic health care treatments, PCU College offers economical and practical services at the on-campus clinic, PCU Holistic Healing Centre.