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Last year we celebrated a remarkable success as our graduating Chinese Acupuncture Class of 2014 finished strong with a 93.33% passing rate on the written part and 92.86% passing rate on the practical part of the board exam.

I am proud of our students and I trust that the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada is bright thanks to these talented and studious individuals.

On behalf of PCU College of Holistic Medicine, I would like to thank all faculty members and staff for your hard work and contribution. I also want to extend my appreciation to all PCU students for your diligence and enthusiastic study habits. For the senior intern students, I am delighted to receive the feedback from your patients indicated that you actually helped overcome their health problems.

As PCU has risen to become one of the leading educational and clinical institutions in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada, our faculty members, disciplined by a diversity of medical expertise, have been chosen for their excellence in teaching and clinical supervision. Your decision to pursue your educational endeavors in TCM is of great importance not only to yourself, but also to the health care system. It is through your studies, experience, and application of your skills that Traditional Chinese Medicine will further expand and extend its reach to all people worldwide.

The principle behind both Conventional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is to help people recover from illnesses. TCM practitioners administer treatment by either herbal medicine or acupuncture to restore the body’s balance and maintain health through natural means. The aim of PCU is to train its students to be qualified as health care providers and to become productive members of society.

I invite you to learn more about our programs and meet with us. Our staff members will assist you in any number of ways to help you. I look forward to seeing you at PCU campus.

Anthony Choi, BA


Welcome to PCU teaching clinic. This clinic provides standard TCM/Acupuncture services to the public. For students who are taking TCM/Acupuncture programs, about a quarter of program will be delivered in our on-site teaching clinic.

PCU students will gain valuable hands-on experience on practice with real patients. During Clinical Placement, students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired from classroom to real clinic setting.

Clinic supervisors will be assigned to guide students step-by-step in clinic observation, patient evaluation, supervised practice and independent practice. The role of the clinic supervisor is to facilitate the students’ learning and to ensure that patients receive appropriate treatment.

Sung Cho, R. TCMP, BA Sc


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PCU College is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of education. Our curriculum meets the educational standards outlined by the provincial government of British Columbia and the regulatory bodies.


PCU College is located near Metropolis at Metrotown Centre in Burnaby. The campus is easily accessible by public transit and is located on several major bus routes and a short walk from the Metrotown SkyTrain station.


For those looking for alternative and holistic health care treatments, PCU College offers economical and practical services at the on-campus clinic, PCU Holistic Healing Centre.