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Latest PCU Faculty News



Burnaby, BC – September 26, 2012 The result of 2011 PCU graduates who challenged provincial Acupuncture and TCM Herbalist licensing exams is encouraging.

Among 30 graduates who challenged the Acupuncture licensing writing exam, 26 passed the exam (87%).

Among 13 graduates who challenged the TCM Herbalist licensing writing exam, 13 passed the exam (100%).

“Your success to pursue is of great importance not only to yourself, but also to the health care system,” says Dr. John Yang, Dean of Faculty and Clinic Director at PCU College. “It is through your studies, experience, and application of your skills that Traditional Chinese Medicine will further expand and extend its reach to all people worldwide.”

PCU College is receiving applications for new students to be part of this success. For more information, contact the college directly at 1-888-586-1107.