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PCU College of Holistic Medicine is a traditional Chinese medicine college, which is accredited by PCTIA (Private Career Training Institution Agency) and recognized by CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturist of BC). The college is one of the well-known traditional Chinese medicine colleges in lower mainland area. We have our own clinic on site for students to practice at. We are proud to host a Charity Bazaar in our clinic on July 11, 2014. Please inquire and book your appointment at (604)357-4723.

Treatments will be given by PCU students, who are supervised by experienced instructors. The treatments include Acupuncture and Tuina. You have to pay for the herb cost, if you like to have herbs prescribed. The treatments are free, but a donation would be appreciated. We will forward all donations to BC Children’s Hospital. The updates of the donation amount will be posted on PCU’s facebook after the event. The capacity is limited. Please book your appointment before you come. You might not be able to get a treatment, if you drop in without an appointment.

PCU was founded in 2003, and currently offers Acupuncture, Herbalist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine programs. There are 12 treatment rooms in our clinic. Our clinic provides professional treatments, which are given by registered Acupuncturist, registered TCM practitioner or registered Doctor of TCM, and student internship treatments, which are given by our current students. The fees are different between professional treatments and student internship treatments. The first consultation and Acupuncture treatment from students is free of charge. There are also various packages that you can choose from. Please call us at (604)357-4723 for details.