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How Can Our Admissions Representatives Help You?


Receive expert help from our well trained Admissions Representatives.

With so many career paths to take, finding a program that is tailored to your personality and passion can be a difficult task. PCU College takes the time to get you know you and what you are looking for to properly help you in making this important life-changing decision.

The minimum requirement for admission to PCU College is a high school diploma; however, applicants who have not achieved a high school diploma can apply for admission as a mature student. When applicable, applicants must provide proof of graduation prior to enrolling or at the time of enrollment. Mature students must provide proof of age and pass an entrance exam. Mature student admission is not available in all programs. Our Admission Representatives will be able to provide more details in your specific case.

Traditional Chinese Medicine programs at PCU College follow the by-laws of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CTCMA) of British Columbia in regard to practitioner licensing. For licensing purposes in British Columbia, students of Traditional Chinese Medicine must have completes 60 university credits either before or after completing a TCM program. This is not decided by PCU College but is a requirement by CTCMA.

Each PCU College program also has its own admissions requirements, such as grade point average and prerequisite courses, which you can learn more about through your free informational session. You will get the chance to learn more about the school community by touring the campus and talking to students and instructors. Get a sense of what the school and programs are all about. You'll like what you see.